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You can depend on us for emergency carpet cleaning and carpet water damage restoration services 24 hours a day, seven days week. Our team will come to your home or business in the Brisbane area - anywhere from CBD suburbs like Fortitude Valley & Rosemount through to the Northside regions.

The areas we cover include: CBD, Brisbane East, Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, and Brisbane West.

Emergency Crapet Cleaning For Your Home
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Emergency Crapet Cleaning For Your Home
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Emergency Crapet Cleaning For Your Home
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Emergency Crapet Cleaning For Your Home
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Emergency Carpet Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction

With a large number of regular clients, we have become one the most trusted carpet water damage restoration services in Brisbane. Our modern equipment stores ensure that you will never run out on tools to get your carpets back into shape!

We specialize not only with residential properties but also commercial spaces such as offices and shops so there's no need for worry if it happens at any location- just give us call today

Contact us on 1300 367 732. for our 24 hour emergency carpet repair service or a free quote.

Hot water extraction is an important process for preventing the growth of mould. If you delay this service, your cherished carpet and furniture will be at risk. Customers often contact us in crisis due to torrential rain and storms that caused burst pipes, flooding and leaking roofs. We provide water extraction for your carpets so you don't have a stinky mess on top of an expensive repair job!

Why Choose Us for Your Emergency Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Water Damage?

We offer the most comprehensive emergency carpet restoration service in Queensland. Our team will remove all signs of moisture damage and prevent mould growth with professional cleaning services across Brisbane & on The Gold Coast that are guaranteed to leave your carpets looking as good new every time!

With our certified staff fully insured or covered by warranty depending upon what you need done; we’re here for one thing: to make sure everything goes smoothly from start (or end) point through recovery process so rest assured knowing there's someone reliable waiting anxiously.

Wet Carpet Drying Equipment

Our Services

Carpet Water Damage Work

We all hope that our homes will be safe from water damage. But when it happens, we know how important your family’s safety and happiness are during the clean-up process- which is why you can rely on us for professional service with extensive training to get any job done right.

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Carpet Water Extraction Work

There’s no way to predict when water damage will strike as a business owner, but it's essential that you protect your commercial property with the help of Carpet Water Damage Brisbane. We've helped many companies through storm and flood-related damages before so don't wait another minute.

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What Our Clients Say

I cannot recommend this amazing business enough! Genuine care for their customers and a level of customer service you just don’t find nowadays. Immediate response and help with my problem and arrived at my home within 45 minutes to start the job. Friendly, cheerful and service with a smile! 10/10 ⭐️
It's rare to find qualified tradespeople on the Gold Coast. Companies that will be happy to actually turn up and do the job. Refresh Carpet Cleaning was a chance call. I ended up speaking to Elizabeth who was very professional more than happy to help.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The dangers of wet carpets are obvious. If you allow your carpet and padding stay soaking for long periods, the risk grows that mold will begin to grow quickly--a major health hazard in itself!

An appliance that unintentionally causes water to flow from its pan is often considered a covered occurrence by your homeowners insurance policy. This means you don't have pay for damages caused as long as it was an unintentional mistake on behalf of the user (in this case).

Water damage is never an enjoyable experience, but it's important to remember that your home insurance will cover you if one of these pipes bursts and causes water damages in the house. The best way around this problem would be preventing any possible leaks by making sure everything has been tightly screwed or fixed with plumbers' tapes before going out on cold days!

The general rule is 48 hours if the water has been sitting in a structure for more than this amount of time, consider removing and replacing it.

If you're experiencing moisture in your home, it's best to get rid of the excess humidity. There are many ways that people have found successful at getting this done including running fans or using dehumidifiers- whichever one works better for you depends on what type and amount of problem they want solved.